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Triskele-Celtic triple spiral
1.) Body- (Red to Orange) Yoga Therapy
2.) Mind - (Blue to Green) Psychotherapy
3.) Spirit-(Indigo to Purple) Human Design and YOU

Triskele Therapy grew through my own personal recovery journey and over my several years of experience being a psychotherapist in private practice. I had struggled with recovering from Anorexia for several years. I found counseling to be a major help in gaining insight into my coping behaviors. I developed a strong desire to help others and entered the field of counseling. In 2014 I began my private counseling practice right after getting my LPC license. I began in Austin, Texas providing DBT therapy to clients struggling with eating disorders and Borderline Personality Disorder.


After beginning my own journey with yoga, I found it to be an essential key to my long road of recovery. It has helped me create a mind body connection that no other form of treatment could provide. I quickly became passionate about sharing this information with others. I knew from my counseling experience that every clients’ situation is individual and each has their own unique recovery path. This lead to my decision  to attend the Ghosh Yoga College in India to study yoga therapy, where I learned to write individualized yoga prescriptions. I realize that yoga in itself can bring with it many unexpected emotions.

In 2021 I learned about both Human Design and Sound Healing. I immediately became highly interested and desired to learn more. After taking months to experiment with the insights from my own Human Design chart, I could not overlook the positive enhancement that focusing on my gifts and self acceptance made in my life and relationships. While I was doing this I bought a set of crystal singing bowls and Native American flute. I completed two sound practitioner courses and know the nightly personal sound baths rejuvenated my energy frequency. In addition to feeling more focused and grounded, my anxiety greatly decreased. All of these personal changes led me to create Triskele Therapy. I was able to see the gifts I had to share with others, including how I could be of better service to my psychotherapy clients and while teaching yoga. With no second thoughts I completed a 1:1 Human Design Reader Training. I feel naturally called to share my light and be a light bearer for the highest good and potential of others. To not share my tools is being a disservice. I look forward to being a guide for you on your personal self discovery journey.



I graduated from the Ghosh Yoga College of India in March 2017 with a certificate in Yoga Therapeutics.
☛ I have completed a 200 hour CYT training in Hatha Yoga with Aura Wellness in 2017.
☛ I have completed a 500 hour CYT training with PURE Yoga Institute in 2019
☛ I have completed a 40 hour Yin Yiga Training with Gioconda Parker through Wanderlust Yoga Studio Austin, Texas in Fall 2020
☛ I have taught and volunteered with the non-profit organization Pure Action- Yoga is Medicine since Spring of 2016.
☛ Through Pure Action I taught yoga to teenage girls in recovery at Phoenix House, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and women with addictions at Austin Recovery
☛ I taught a weekly donation based One Posture at a Time yoga class for teens in recovery
☛ I have taught yoga to inpatient and outpatient teens at Houston Behavioral Health



☛ I have been in private practice since 2015.
☛ I graduated from St. Edward’s University in Austin Texas with a Master’s of Art in Counseling in August of 2012. I completed  3,000 internship hours at Plumeria Counseling Center and under private practice supervision.
☛ I  volunteered at Austin State Hospital for 3 years where I  provided individual and group DBT skills training to patients suffering from a variety of mental disorders.
☛ I also volunteered with Community in Schools at Ann Richard’s School for Young Women Leaders. During this time I provided individual counseling to adolescent girls as well as led a weekly DBT skills training group.
☛ I have attended a DBT Emotion Regulation workshop with Marsha Linehan, the creator of DBT.


☛ Completed Human Design Training in January 2022


☛ Sound Therapy and Sound Healing Accreditation through Soulremember Retreats UK November 2021
☛ Accredited Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Therapy and Sound Healing Course December 2021

I have a deep love for bringing to others the gift of the mind body connection!!

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