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Shankh Mudra (Conch Shell) : Therapy for Respiratory Issues

In the practice of yoga there are numerous types of mudras that can be formed with the hands. Each mudra is associated with a different therapeutic effect for the mind and body. Avery beneficial mudra for respiratory issues is the Shankh Mudra. Shankh is a Sanskrit word for “shell”. The shape is seen in the Indian culture as a symbol of infinite space. Ancient cultures often used the conch shell as a musical instrument to purify the air and attract positive energy. Therapeutic Effects of the Conch Mudra include: Helping to calm the mind and body Toning the throat and lungs Helping to cure asthma and throat infections Improvement of stammering Helping with loss of voice Improving thyroid disorders such as hypo and hyper thyroid. This is done by balancing Thyroxin secretion in the Thyroid Gland. - Thyroxin regulates the metabolism, heart rate, and digestion, as well as aiding in muscle control, brain development, and maintaining bone health. How to Practice the Conch Mudra Place your hands in front of you with the palms facing up Wrap the right fingers around the left thumb Bring the fingers of the left hand together Bring the left middle finger to touch the tip of the right hand thumb.

Rest your hands on the sternum. Imagine you are at the sea and you can hear the waves and feel the sea breeze. Chant “OM” several times. Allow the echo and vibration of your chanting to center and calm your mind Namaste

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