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Human Design Gift

Have you ever felt a little stuck in your life, like something was not right, and things just weren't working out? Have you ever had an urge to take steps to come home to your true self through acknowledging who you were meant to be? If so, Human Design could be a valuable tool to help you on this journey. Human Design is a science of differentiation utilizing the modern sciences of the quantum mechanics of physics, genetics and biochemistry, along with the ancient sciences of the Chinese I' Ching, Hindu Brahmin Chakras, Zohar/Kabbalist Tree of Life, and Astrology. All of these concepts combine to generate your COMPLETELY UNIQUE body graph based on your birth date, time and place. The body graph contains information on how you were designed to participate in this world through your inner guidance system. It highlights your conscious and unconscious traits that are gifts to be honored. Human Design is a system based on body consciousness and body intelligence that leads you to making decisions based on what works for you versus the person society, culture, and family conditioned you to be. The focus of Human Design Therapy is to emphasize your natural gifts and what is RIGHT with you, instead of what you may have been led to believe you were lacking or is disordered. In this therapy you will learn to embrace who you really are in order to live a life of ease and fulfillment. Are you ready for the transformation into your highest self? Feel free to reach out and inquire about Human Design Therapy and Yoga Prescription Services by email


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