Universal Healing Mantra

Shushmana Mantra: Universal Healing Mantra

There are many types of ways to incorporate meditation into ones daily life. One option is to chant mantras. The Shushmana Mantra is known to be a universal healing mantra to facilitate the removal of health issues and lead to physical, mental, and spiritual healing. The mantra utilizes 8 sounds of healing vibrations in the words:

Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung

Ra- fire, symbolized by the sun. Represents life and warmth. Purifies and energizes. MA- water, symbolized by the moon. Represents compassion and nurturance. Da- Earth, action. Sa- Air, impersonal infinity Say- Totality of experience So- Personal sense of identity. Hung- Infinite Hu- God (higher power) in every being NG- stimulates the divine gland (pineal gland) So Hung together means I am THOU.

Repeat this mantra over the course of several minutes to induce healing vibrations and a calming effect throughout your body. Attempt to keep your mind present to the sounds and healing energy circling through your body to gain the maximum benefits.

Happy Chanting.